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Menopause Journal Highlights Three DOR Studies as Among Most Significant in Their History

For the twenty-fifth anniversary issue of the journal Menopause, the editors dug through their annals and highlighted the most important studies they have ever published. Of the 24 studies they selected, three were authored by researchers or clinicians affiliated with the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research.

The editors said these 24 studies represent the most significant papers from each volume of the journal and “had stood the test of time over the past 25 years.” Division of Research authors on these studies include research scientists De-Kun Li, MD, PhD, and Charles Quesenberry, PhD, adjunct research scientist Bruce Ettinger, MD, and research scientist emeritus Gary Friedman, MD, MS

The Division of Research papers are:

From 1996: “Continuation of postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy: comparison of cyclic versus continuous combined schedules,” by Ettinger and Li, et al.

From 1997: “Long-term postmenopausal estrogen therapy may be associated with increased risk of breast cancer: a cohort study,” by Ettinger, Quesenberry and Friedman, et al.

From 2011, “Evolution of postmenopausal hormone therapy between 2002 and 2009,” by Ettinger, et al.

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