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Infectious Diseases - Human Papillomavirus

Despite the introduction of human papillomavirus (HPV) primary testing and effective HPV vaccines, challenges remain in reducing the burden of illness and mortality from cervical cancer and other HPV-related illness. DOR’s infectious diseases section members are actively involved in this research.

HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening

As part of the Comparative Effectiveness Research to Validate and Improve Cervical Cancer Screening (CERVICCS) study, DOR researchers have examined the evaluating cervical dysplasia risk in women with HIV-associated and non-HIV associated immunosuppression, as well as the effectiveness of “catch-up” HPV vaccination. DOR researchers have also contributed to external network studies including the HPV Impact study, and the Population-based Research Optimizing Screening Through Personalized Regimens (PROSPR) study.

Ongoing work in this area includes a follow-up study in CERVICCS examining the benefits ad harms of cervical cancer screening after age 65.

Anal cancer screening and outcomes

Because people with HIV have increased risk for anal cancer, screening is important; DOR researchers have evaluated the high risk of anal cancer in the HIV setting, including a study evaluating early outcomes from region-wide implementation of an anal cancer screening program, and a study evaluating tolerability of high-resolution anoscopy in people with HIV.

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