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KP Emergency Services Physicians Honored for Research

The KP CREST Network receives TPMG’s 2018 Morris F. Collen Research Award for decades of groundbreaking research to improve emergency medical care

The Permanente Medical Group honored seven physicians, including members of the Kaiser Permanente Clinical Research in Emergency Services & Treatments (CREST) Network, with the 2018 Morris F. Collen Research Award at its monthly board meeting on September 28 in Monterey, Calif.

The 2018 Collen award recipients are: Tara Greenhow, MD, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, San Francisco; Dustin Ballard, MD, Emergency Medicine, San Rafael; Uli Chettipally, MD, Emergency Medicine, South San Francisco; Mamata Kene, MD, Emergency Medicine, Fremont; Dustin Mark, MD, Emergency Medicine, Oakland; Dana Sax, MD, Emergency Medicine, Oakland; and David Vinson, MD, Emergency Medicine, Sacramento.

“The CREST Network physicians are one of the most exciting and innovative groups we have in research and implementation. They are particularly well-regarded for their work in informatics and clinical decision support and are seen as a model for other specialties,” said Tracy A. Lieu, MD, MPH, director of the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research.

KP CREST is a multi-center collaborative network in Kaiser Permanente that encourages, enables, and executes research in emergency medicine. Its goals are to support a cooperative platform for the emergency medicine research community, encourage quality research in emergency medicine, and disseminate evidence-based knowledge to refine current community emergency care standards. CREST is headquartered at the Division of Research with support from research scientist Mary Reed, DrPH, and numerous other statisticians, analysts and staff.

All the 2018 Collen award recipients are members of the CREST Network except for except Dr. Greenhow, who was recognized for research on pediatric infectious diseases; her work also was supported by the Division of Research.

Drs. Ballard, Mark and Vinson are adjunct investigators at the Division of Research, and Dr. Vinson is a member of the inaugural class of the Physician Researcher Program, an effort by The Permanente Medical Group and Division of Research to support clinical research that can have direct impacts on health care.

The Morris F. Collen Research Award

The Collen Award was created in 2003 and recognizes TPMG physicians who make significant contributions to scientific literature and to the health of our communities.

Dr. Morris F. Collen at home in Walnut Creek, at age 100 (in 2013)

Dr. Collen was one of the seven founding physicians of The Permanente Medical Group in 1948, and today he is recognized internationally for his pioneering work in applying computer technology to medicine. From 1953 to 1961, Dr. Collen served as physician-in-chief at KP San Francisco. He became the director of TPMG’s Department of Medical Methods Research (now the Division of Research) in 1961 and served in that role until 1979, when he became director of the Division of Technology Assessment.

As an author and editor, Dr. Collen published extensively in the areas of internal medicine, preventive medicine, health services research, and medical informatics. His publications include more than 180 articles and five books.

Dr. Collen was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science in 1981, and served as chair of the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) Board of Scientific Counselors from 1985 to 1987.  As an NLM scholar-in-residence from 1987 to 1993, he wrote a history of medical applications of the computer.

This article is adapted from one that originally appeared in Permanente Pulse.

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